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There is no substitute for hard work. Each of our associates brings unique skills to the adjusting process. Because we enjoy working together, we are able to resolve myriad issues that arise during the adjusting process in a non-confrontational manner that provides the maximum benefit to the policy holder. Professional Loss Adjusters is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Massachusetts Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, the Institute of Real Estate Management, Community Associations Institute - New England Chapter.
Jim Brodin on public adjusting.
Bruce Knowlton on becoming a public adjuster.
Brian Payne on helping clients.
Michael Salvi on working at Professional Loss Adjusters.
Howard Shore on when to call a public adjuster.
Public Adjuster Jon Sadick
Jonathan Sadick
Michael Creed | Public Adjuster | Professional Loss Adjusters
Michael E. Creed
Public Adjuster Bruce Knowltom
Bruce Knowlton
Public Adjuster Steve Reardon
Stephen Reardon
Public Adjuster Howie Shore
Howard Shore
Public Adjuster Len Theran
Leonard Theran

Public Adjuster Mike GarofaloMike Garofalo

Public Adjuster John Knowlton
John Knowlton
Anthony Salvi | Estimator | Professional Loss Adjusters
Anthony Salvi
Public Adjuster Ben Weisner
Benjamin Weisner
Public Adjuster Jim Brodin
James Brodin
Public Adjuster Bob Gillette
Robert Gillette
Public Adjuster Lynn Knowlton
Lynn Knowlton
Public Adjuster Mike Salvi
Michael Salvi

Patrice Green
Patrice Green

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