Condominium Claims

Professional Loss Adjusters helps in every phase of the insurance claim process, as well as expediting payment. We get better results because we: 
  • Perform a thorough review and analysis of your insurance policy to determine what is required to maximize the recovery. 
  • Assist you in making the critical decisions that will affect your property as a result of the loss. 
  • Advise you as to how you can maximize the coverage in your insurance policy to enable you to recover as much as possible…as soon as possible. 
  • Make an on-site analysis of the building damage and prepare a detailed inventory and estimate of the cost to reconstruct the property and replace the contents. 
  • Attend to the detail work of a property and extra expense claim. 
  • Prepare, present and support an itemized claim package to your insurance company. 
  • Keep you apprised of the status of your claim and seek your approval before the claim is settled. 
  • Secure the best possible settlement in the shortest time frame.
Our service fee represents a small percentage of the claim settlement. This is offset by a better settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

This three-family home in Worcester, Massachusetts, was badly damaged by fire. Although this type of property is common for the area, the Worcester Historical Commission has designated properties such as this an “historical property.” 

As a result, higher reconstruction costs were reflected in this building claim, which ultimately settled for more than $500,000. This enabled the general contractor to replicate the exterior in a manner that was acceptable to the Historical Commission. 

This apartment building suffered a major fire. The insurance company’s experts wanted to try to repair the damaged area rather than replace it. It would not have been in our client’s best interest to perform such make-shift repairs. We convinced the insurance company that the entire section had to be demolished and completely rebuilt.

A four-story condominium building suffered a major fire. The fourth floor had to be completely demolished and rebuilt. In addition, there was substantial water damage to the rest of the building.

The insurance company’s adjuster misstated an important provision of the insurance policy, which would have significantly limited the settlement for the building loss.

We worked to successfully achieve a more favorable settlement for our client. The net result to the condo association was an increase of $180,000 in insurance proceeds.

This 6-unit condominium building was exposed to a fire from the building on the right. The fire destroyed the entire third floor, which was subsequently demolished and rebuilt. The other units had to be gutted, as well.

Heavy rainfall and severe weather events are likely to increase with continued warming. This structure in Springfield, Massachusetts, was demolished by a recent tornado. PLA worked on behalf of the owner to settle this multi-million dollar claim in less than three months.

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“Our claim was complicated and especially frustrating. We had thirteen units and a good portion of the common area that needed to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, the insurance coverage we had did not cover a good portion of the damages. You fought for every penny you could get us and challenged the adjusters on each decision they made. Several months after the claim was initially settled, you took the time to review the file and found a line item that did not add up. You then spent the next two months battling red tape and chasing the money for us. "You understood that the situation was overwhelming to us and were sensitive to the unit owners whose homes were damaged. You took time to attend the owners meetings and answer their questions. Thank you."

—Sarah S.
Property Manager