Lumber Company Fire

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Lumber Company Fire
Brookline, New Hampshire

A lumber company located in Brookline, New Hampshire, lost its extensive showroom and production facility in a devastating fire. Most of the contents were completely destroyed, which made it challenging to inventory everything that was in the building prior to the fire.

Total losses are harder to adjust than partial losses, because it is difficult to document and prove what was there. Books and records seldom list all of the building’s items and their values. We spent a great deal of time working with the business owner to prove the extent of all the aspects of the loss.

In addition to contacting PLA immediately after the loss, there were a number of factors that helped the company recover:

• An insurance agent who wrote an excellent insurance policy
• An insurance company adjuster who was sympathetic to the company’s needs
• A resilient owner who moved very quickly to rebuild the manufacturing facility in another building and to rebuild the damaged building in record time

We are so grateful for Len’s hard work in helping to settle our insurance claim after a massive fire. Because everything was destroyed, it was a very complicated loss. Len helped navigate us through a difficult process.
— T.B., Owner, Lumber Company