Public Adjuster Jim Brodin
James F. Brodin, Jr.

Jim attended Nichols College in Dudley, Mass. as well as the Vale Tech Property Training Program in Pennsylvania. He worked as a residential loss adjuster for Liberty Mutual, Sentry Insurance and Holyoke Mutual Insurance Co. before becoming a Public Adjuster in 1998. Jim is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Massachusetts. Jim is actively involved in Central Massachusetts youth sports.
Public Adjuster Jon Sadick
Jonathan Sadick
Michael Creed | Public Adjuster | Professional Loss Adjusters
Michael E. Creed
Public Adjuster Steve Reardon
Stephen Reardon
Public Adjuster Howie Shore
Howard Shore
Public Adjuster Len Theran
Leonard Theran

Public Adjuster Mike Garofalo
Mike Garofalo

Anthony Salvi | Estimator | Professional Loss Adjusters
Anthony Salvi

Patrice Green
Patrice Green

Public Adjuster Jim Brodin
James Brodin
Public Adjuster Bob Gillette
Robert Gillette
Public Adjuster Mike Salvi
Michael Salvi
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