• Commercial building damaged by storm.
  • Rebuilt commercial building.
  • Lumber company showroom destroyed by fire.
  • Lumber showroom rebuilt.
  • Condo damaged by fire and water.
  • Restored condo.
  • Maine home destroyed by fire.
  • New Maine home.
  • Marina damaged by fire.
  • Marina fire damage repaired.
  • Home entirely destroyed by fire.
  • Destroyed home rebuilt.

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A business insurance claim can have a catastrophic effect if it is not adjusted properly. Learn how PLA can help you survive a property and business interruption loss.

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What if you insurance company offered you less than it cost to rebuild your home? How would you prove that your home and contents were worth more? Our Public Adjusters know what to do.

Condominium & Realty Services

Condo claims can result in complicated legal battles. Every situation is unique, depending upon where the problem originated and what the condo association's insurance covers. Find out how PLA can help you.

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