Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied. Now What?

A homeowner called us asking for help with a water damage claim that his insurance company had denied. There had been extensive flooding to the client’s indoor basketball court, gym, theater room, hallway and game room. The insurance company’s denial was based on the assessment of an outside engineering expert hired by the insurance company to find the source of the water break. Being unable to find the source, the engineer assumed that the water came from the ground. Since groundwater is excluded under this, and virtually every other homeowners’ policy, the insurance company denied the claim.

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Meet the Adjuster: Mike Garofalo

You started as an adjuster for an insurance company and then you moved on to work for a remediation organization. What made you decide to jump to the public adjusting side of the business? 

Part of the reason why being a Public Adjuster made sense to me is because I’ve always had a deep belief in service and a commitment to try to help people to the best of my ability. I noticed a growing industry-wide trend of insurance companies trying to “desk adjust” claims, meaning that office adjusters were making decisions about what their field adjusters could and could not authorize without ever having seen the properties in question, leaving the field adjuster unable to fully help the homeowners and business owners recover from their losses.

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