Bruce Knowlton, Public AdjusterWhy Hiring A Public Adjuster Immediately After A Loss Can Save Your Claim

The benefits of hiring a public adjuster (PA) to help document and settle your insura\nce claim are numerous. Unfortunately, many homeowners and businessowners discover the

se benefits long after their loss, and often as a result of immense frustration…

• when their claims have been denied by their insurance company

• when the insurance company’s settlement has come in very low, or

• when they have given up even attempting to recover because they think their insurance policy will not cover the loss.

This spring, I settled two claims in northern New England—both involving frozen heating pipes and water damage—that help to underscore that call

ing a PA immediately upon discovering a loss is the prudent thing to do. Over the course of our next two blogs, I will outline those claims:

Claim #1

I was contacted by the homeowners who, days earlier, had discovered water damage throughout their home. The home’s heating system had shut down, causing the pipes to freeze and split. Once the temperature warmed up, the damaged pipes released an endless torrent of water throughout the home.

I arrived on the scene as repairs to the home were taking place. The plumber had already begun removing broken pipes and was loading the split copper into his truck to be recycled. The copper was critical evidence for the approval of the claim. By explaining this to the plumber, the copper was soon brought back into the home. Without my insight and need to document and protect this evidence, the insurance company could easily have denied coverage.

Water damage, New HampshirePrior to the arrival of the insurance company’s adjuster, I had thoroughly documented the existence of water using a thermal imager, moisture meter and photographs. The thermal imager had shown signs of water infiltration behind the surface of the walls and ceiling. In the presence of the insurance company’s adjuster and the remediation company, one of the wall boards in that area was removed for inspection. This area of concern was found to have insulation and studs still saturated with water six days after the loss. Without thermal imaging, this damaged area would have remained undetected, causing potential problems in the future. 

By hiring a PA in those first critical days, you gain the advantage of protecting and documenting important evidence—evidence that will ultimately be used to support your claim. Disposal of contents or building materials without proper documentation of the type of material, quality and style can result in your being paid far less than you are entitled.

With PLA, you receive the personalized care and attention to your claim at a time when your world is turned upside down. We take care of the details that could easily be overlooked when you are most vulnerable. We work on your behalf to obtain the fairest settlement for you, so recovery can begin as quickly as possible.

—Bruce Knowlton

Prior to becoming a public adjuster, Bruce Knowlton was a general property manager for five years. Bruce also has 17 years experience working for a successful remodeling and investment real estate company. He has an extensive background in estimating, construction, scheduling and commercial building maintenance. Bruce settles insurance claims in New Hampshire and Maine.

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