Public Adjuster Ben Weisner
Benjamin J. Weisner
Ben graduated from Thomas College in Waterville, Maine, with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a minor in political science. Before obtaining his Public Adjusters license, Ben was an intern in Washington D.C. for a Maine Senator. He has also worked for the Maine Department of Transportation. Ben is a Past State Master Councilor of the Maine DeMolay Association and a Past Master of his local Masonic lodge.
Public Adjuster Jon Sadick
Jonathan Sadick
Michael Creed | Public Adjuster | Professional Loss Adjusters
Michael E. Creed
Public Adjuster Steve Reardon
Stephen Reardon
Public Adjuster Howie Shore
Howard Shore
Public Adjuster Len Theran
Leonard Theran

Public Adjuster Mike Garofalo
Mike Garofalo

Anthony Salvi | Estimator | Professional Loss Adjusters
Anthony Salvi

Patrice Green
Patrice Green

Public Adjuster Jim Brodin
James Brodin
Public Adjuster Bob Gillette
Robert Gillette
Public Adjuster Mike Salvi
Michael Salvi
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