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Professional Loss Adjusters regularly works in partnership with attorneys and insurance agents to ensure their clients are treated fairly.

Oftentimes, insurance settlements are not enough to cover the costs of recovery or additional costs and issues crop up after settlement.

PLA removes the frustration of dealing with the insurance company, so you and your client can focus on other important issues. PLA is comprised of a team of licensed Public Adjusters who represent your best interests. We advocate on behalf of policyholders to make the process of researching, filing and substantiating insurance claims more beneficial to policyholders. We are more knowledgeable about the process, understand how to interpret insurance policies and have saved many companies from bankruptcy.

Besides traditional phases of recovery — building damage, equipment and inventory — 
we also specialize in: 
  • advising your claim management team 
  • integrating the claim with the restoration efforts to ensure efficient results 
  • formulating solutions to minimize any business interruption 
  • tailoring systems that comprehensively capture and segregate all related expenses
We perform these functions so you and your client can focus on recovery: 
  • meticulously review the insurance coverage 
  • determine policy compliance issues 
  • develop a claim management plan 
  • evaluate and quantify the magnitude of the loss 
  • facilitate interim payments 
  • coordinate all inspections and audits required by the insurance company 
  • identify the most qualified specialists to develop and support the claim 
  • complete all property valuations (replacement/repair costs, stock valuations, work in process) 
  • evaluate production and sales trends to forecast business interruption 
  • assemble comprehensive claim presentations with supporting data and expert reports 
  • support the claim management team throughout the recovery
  • expedite the entire process 
Beyond achieving a fair settlement for your client, we can also help: 
  • weigh the benefits of updating vs. replacing damaged property or inventory 
  • mitigate future losses 
  • maintain good relations with your insurance company


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“There is no question. If I had not secured the efforts of Professional Loss Adjusters, the insurance claim would not have been settled and my insurance company would have put us out of business. Thanks to PLA, my family’s business is now rebuilt, and up and running.”

—Luke B.
President, Marina/Restaurant